About Woo


WooBamboo is the brain-child of 3 friends that found themselves all equally concerned about the future of our planet Earth. (Because, let’s be honest, it is concern-worthy.) So together, after a year of planning and development, Steve Hyde, Christopher Fous, and Thomas Burt launched WooBamboo. On Earth Day of 2013 they opened the doors and started sharing the vision and selling the toothbrush that started it all.

Now, in just over 6 years, WooBamboo’s line of unique oral care products encompasses more than 15 eco-awesome products ranging from the original bamboo toothbrush to biodegradable silk floss, and so much more. We can now be found in over 19,000+ stores in 60+ countries spanning the globe. Not bad for a start-up company run by 3 dudes, right?!

So far, well over FIVE MILLION plastic toothbrushes have been replaced with bamboo. And to think, this is only the beginning.



We know our products aren’t going to save the world. They can, however, remind us every day that we have made one small decision toward a cleaner planet and that can inspire us all to make one more.

Through innovation, inspiration, and positivity-  our mission is to change the world, one healthy smile at a time cuz bamboo’s HOT and plastic’s NOT!



We are not an oral care company. Toothbrushes don’t keep us up at night. We don’t daydream about floss. We are, however, completely obsessed with the idea of inspiring the world. That makes us an inspiration company.

We want to inspire people everyday to be more natural, more sustainable, more positive, and just overall more freakin’ ECO ON IT!

Innovate. Inspire. Change the world.